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Here is a great explanation of just what "Ham Radio" is all about.

Another "Internet" ... AREDN MESH

Middle Georgia Radio Association, MGRA, Warner Robins, GA

Middle Georgia Data Network running Packet, Vera FM, and DRATS.

And here is more about the history of communications. A very interesting research paper leading to amateur radio.

Download the Amateur Radio Band Chart showing frequency allocations.

Download my antenna tools spreadsheet, calculate gains and beam widths.

Download my Digital Voice Modes presentation in PDF.

Download my Antenna Height presentation in PDF.

Download my APRS/Packet/Winlink presentation in PDF.

Download the Solar Power for Amateurs presentation by KK4BHS, Michael Rutherford.

Download my Repeaters & Remotes presentation in PDF.

Download my short SWR presentation in PDF.

Download my short Channels & Bandpass presentation in PDF.

Download this Digital Voice Modes Compared document in PDF.

Great resource: Electronics Notes!

Real-time Ionogram for your location, by Serge Stroobandt, ON4AA. Great job, Serge!

Central Georgia Amateur Radio Club , CGARC, Warner Robins, GA

Playground Amateur Radio Club, , PARC, Ft Walton Beach Florida

Las Vegas Repeater Association, , LVRA.

Pacific RV Service Net

Ham Electronic Homebrewer's web site has some excellent articles, including a loop antenna project.

Digital Modes: I have used a variety of digital mode interfaces between various radios and computers and dumb terminals. Some were home-brew, some commercial, some simple (resistor network), some complex (PK-232). Now I use the BuxComm Rascal (older version) which has audio lines to the laptop audio input/output, and a data line to the RS-232 port on the laptop for PTT; and It has a data line to the radio's 6-pin data connector, which is now standard on most radios. The Rascal is a simple level interface resistor network in a neat little box. It's newer version looks like a USB dongle with audio lines to the radio, or data lines if the radio is equipped for it. I use this simple arrangement with my IC-706 and my Yaesu 7800 dual-bander.

BuxComm Radio Products.

ZLP Electronics.

Here is a great resource for radio circuits.

A web site dedicated to the digital modes.

Packet radio operation information from DX Zone

The famous SignaLink interface is described here.

Another great web site dedicated to digital modes, authored by N2QLQ.

And a great source about Packet Radio.

And thinking of digital modes, ever wonder about those QR codes you see so often? The little pixelated squares? Check this out: Thanks to Cassandra's esteemed students at Bright Futures Charter School and especially Samantha for the great suggestion to add this link.

Kits. You want electronic kits. Try this list at

An excellent web site for just about anything amateur radio Ham Universe, with many antenna articles and more.

A whole boatload of Amateur Radio information. Thanks to AC6V! Highly recommended web site.

A lot of information about Amateur Radio

Good reference source, this article about ground radials and monopoles.

Info about Sun Spots and propagation.

World Sunlight Map

NASA issues radio related information.

My collection of papers and formulae for the famous 555 IC timer chip. It's a PDF file about 50 MB.

A nicely prepared History of Communications

DSTAR Users Organization last heard list, updates.

Check out these two documents if you are starting with powerpole connectors. PWR crimp manual and PowerPole Connector Assembly.

FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) Home Page.

Amateur Digital Communications Association. And watch 145.090 for brrrraaps...

DX Engineering good source of antenna info.

EEPower TVS Diodes good source of lightening and surge protection info.

Radio Works good source of antenna info. good source of parts information and more

Download TWT application notes listing

Lightning strikes: Here is great site, recommended by W7SAC.

Huntsville Hamfest

WA7BNM Contest Calendar

Ham Test Online

Hurricane Watch Net, operating on 14.325 MHz.


Great Vendor List

J-Pole made from copper pipe, by Hamuniverse.

J-Pole made from 300 Ohm twin lead

Antenna Tutorial:

RF Cafe! Tremendous amount of information on electrical/electronic subjects.

A nice article at PC Mag about Amateur Radio Operations supporting Katrina recovery.