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This photo was taken from our hotel room window in Kaohsiung. The tall building is the Grand Hi Lai Hotel and VERY upscale shopping mall. It has a super international food court in B3 (basement level 3) along with a grocery store (also international). It is less than a block away. But there are many other similar "malls" within 6-block radius.
Just to the right of the Grand, note the tan looking building with the stair-stepped rise on its left side. Our apartment is on the 14th floor (out of 15 floors), facing the Grand. We're one block from the harbor, major container shipping and some tourist cruises.
Koahsiung is not a tourist town, not many foreigners here. BUT, they're building an amazing, modern international cruise terminal on the harbor about 5 blocks south of our location. This town will totally change, new languages will be spoken. Right now, not much but Mandarin and Taiwanese.