TongYeong Korea March 2014

The south coast of Korea is characterized by many small islands. Some are big enough to be inhabited. Some are designated parks. This trip was to the seaport of TongYeong, which has access to many of those islands, and to a number of tourist attractions. Koreans love hiking trails and nature walks and have embellished the trails for easy access and excellent views. One feature of this area is famous for the turtle boats, used to defeat Japan in one of it sea battles.

On the first day, in the morning we took local Busan city buses to the Busan west bus terminal shown on the map. Then an inter-city bus to TongYeong bus terminal. We arrived shortly after noon and the next part of our excursion was to ride a cable car to a mountain top park. That afternoon we visited a harbor with a famous market and replicas of the turtle boats, made into a museum.

The next morning took an excursion boat to one of the islands designated as a park, and the Camellias were in bloom. In the afternoon we road a "water bus" and visited several inhabited islands. The WX was great, the water was calm, and the excursion was good.

This bus terminal is co-located with a Korail train station, a sky train station, a subway station, and is just across the river from the Busan International Airport (BUS) which is one stop away via the sky train.

The pictures are in chronological order.