Taiwan Living March and April 2013

After about two weeks in Thailand, and deciding that the heat and humidity were too uncomfortable, we returned to Taiwan. We decided to make that home for a while, and quickly found a suitable apartment. Our special thanks to Peter, who we knew in Florida, and is a Taiwan native. We decided to reside in Kaohsiung, and Peter helped us get around and find the apartment. The photos are in chronological order, some are captioned, taken during March and April of 2013. The weather has been very pleasant, though a bit smoggy.

Kaohsiung is a major industrial city, with a major international shipping harbor. Our apartment is about two blocks from the harbor. Taiwan is building a very nice cruise terminal in the harbor, about 20 minutes walk from our apartment. It will probably open in 2014.

There are enough "tourist attractions" that a few tourists and a good many business visitors are here. The big building in the 4th image is the Hanshien Grand Hi Lai Hotel and shopping mall. We had a great view of its hotel lobby entrance from our balcony and saw golfers and wedding party folks constantly. It has a major food court and a very modern grocery store on the B3 level, several upscale restaurants on the 10th floor, and a very nice upscale buffet near the top.