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KK4IB is the call sign of an Amateur Radio Station, licensed by the FCC.
Among other activities, it provides emergency communications to the community when no other modes of communication will work.

Pictures can be found in the Radio Station Album, see the table of contents to the left.

When not active on the air (very seldom that we're NOT on the air), we monitor 146.52, 446.00 and local repeaters ... and scan with a separate radios. When active, we can be found at 50.135 MHz in the mornings and evenings, on 7251 kHz South Cars and other nets. When the bands are open, 14.190 MHz and on 15 and 10 meters.

See more photos in the "Radio Station Photos" section.

We support the Mid Georgia Data network with packet, Vara FM, and DRATS stations. See the photo album. For more information about the Mid Georgia data network, visit Mid Georgia Data Network web site.

  • KK4IB is a member of ARRL, the Central Georgia Amateur Radio Club, and the Middle Georgia Radio Association.
  • A suggestion for Amateurs: the BEST way to test on the air is to SAY YOUR CALL SIGN.

    146.52 and 446.00 MHz simplex ... are designated national calling frequencies. Give a call on the highway, monitor at home.

    Ham Hotline 5500000147. Multiple Nodes on Georgia AREDN MESH, RF on 5.860 GHz (channel 172), including mobile/portable.

    Many of us scan all the time, or listen to multiple frequencies simultaneously. When you make a call, announce the frequency you're on. Ex: "on 52" or "on 79".
    [Sometimes the scan function resumes before we can see where it stopped for your call.]

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